NAHS Governing Committee

Ngangganawili Aboriginal Health Service is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS) primary health care service that is initiated and operated by the local community to deliver holistic, comprehensive, and culturally safe health care to the community which controls it through a locally elected Board of Management.

The objectives of the Governing Body are as follows:

  • to establish and operate a community controlled, community based and decentralised health and medical service which provides affordable and culturally appropriate services
  • to encourage acknowledgement and respect for what individuals, families and groups see as their health needs
  • to develop within the health service a learning centre for health workers, medical practitioners, medical students, nursing students and others
  • to provide opportunities for education, employment and training to enable members to perform management, administration and health service delivery functions within a health service
  • to develop a network of resource personnel having the appropriate attitudes and skills to support the Community’s health and development initiatives of the Community
  • and to assist people in overcoming poverty and associated personal and social illness.


The NAHS Board of Directors is made up of 10 members from each of the Wiluna community Sub-groups. Current directors are:

  • Chairperson: Vera Anderson (Wiluna)
  • Vice Chair: Kaye Bingham (Bondini)
  • Eric Simpson (Monty’s Patch)
  • Rhonda Williams (Bondini)
  • Kelman Patch (Windidda)
  • Delvene Patch (Windidda)
  • Heather Gilbert (Monty’s Patch)
  • Tianie Farmer (Kutkabubba)
  • Clinton Farmer (Kutkabubba)
  • Sharon Ashwin (Wiluna)