Enviromental Services

Environmental Health Program

The objective of the state government funded Aboriginal Environmental Health program is to provide people with information, knowledge and understanding to improve and manage their own personal and family hygiene and the environmental conditions within the domestic home and community.

NAHS environmental health workers assist the Wiluna, Bondini, Kutkabubba and Windidda Aboriginal Communities with:

  • Rubbish clean-up around homes – by providing large rubbish bags and with rubbish removal
  • Dog health – de-worming and lice and scabies treatment
  • Shifting car bodies from around houses
  • Lawn mowing to reduce mosquito breading, mice habitat and snake hazards
  • In-house cockroaches, ants and mice control
  • Reporting mains water leaks
  • Reporting on behalf of home occupiers any prolonged loss of services and repair delays